Dov Elbaum
My Life With the Patriarchs
a loosely autobiographical fantasy which locates the biblical forefathers in modern Israel.


My Life With the Patriarchs is a carefully written, friendly novel that one could read without intermission. The story might easily extract loud laughter, move one to tears, and fill the heart with sympathy for the narrator and the three lost souls who unfold before our eyes. And yet, one could, and should, read it again, and then once more. For only then the hidden stitches of the novel become visible and clear. That is the secret of this novel’s charm – its surface is so light and pleasant, innocent of any self-importance, but it hides underneath it depths full of beauty, pain, and wisdom. [ . . . ]
It is a story of coming of age and a search for an identity, and also an exceptionally sharp and entertaining exercise in biblical interpretation. It is also – and here lays Elbaum’s unique strength as an original Hebrew-Israeli storyteller – a wild journey through the old and current knots and entanglements of the Hebrew language, and its greatest culture-heroes: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Golan, Avirma. Ha’Aretz. 9 May 2001.

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