Dov Elbaum
Greeting the Shabat
Bereshit / With physicist Eilam Gross

Vayechi / With former member of parliament Yossi Beylin

Bo / With Major General El'azar Shtern

Bo / With Yuval Ido Tal, a teacher to the Buddhist theory of mind

Beshalach / With botanist Avinoam Danin

Mishpatim / With raba and dr. Einat Ramon

Mishpatim / With professor of thought of Israel, Moshe Halbertal

Teruma / With Dr. Adolfo Roitman, Shrine of the book curator

Book of Ester / With linguist Tamar Eilam Gindin

Ki Tisa / With musician Kobi Oz

Vayakhel Pekudei /With Architect Moshe Safdi

Vayikra / Feministic reading in the bible with Tamar Biala

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